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Development and maintenance of extensions for the Joomla CMS is the daily business of the iCampus team. This contains the use of common programminga languages and frameworks within the web domain like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ExtJS, JQuery and more. Besides the development of Joomla extensions iCampus is also involved in mobile development.

In addition to the usual 'coding' we also create an MDD infrastructure (JooMDD) for a model driven development, which can simplify the development through the minimisation of the needed technological knowledge.


High quality software development requires a structured development process, quality assurance (QA), versioning and continuous integration (CI)! Within the iCampus team, all these parts are covered through the use of our infrastructure environment:

  • Jira to work in accordance to the agile development Scrum and Kanban,
  • Gerrit for code reviews,
  • PHPUnit as the main testing framework,
  • GitBlit as Git server for the versioning of our developments,
  • and Jenkins as CI server for the automatic test execution, code validation and deployment of the developed software.

Hard work needs compensation. 'Intrinsic' events, like climbing the 'Dünsberg' together or taking boat trips with turkish interns, help to keep the team spirit alive.


Joomla extensions, designed to handle the scheduling and planning needs of the universities sector. 


Whereas the user management of Joomla! only supports expected entry attributes like name, username and email address, THM Groups provides the possibility to manage additional attributes. With THM Groups, users have the opportunity to manage their attributes for themselves on a Joomla!-based website. The same applies to user groups.... 


This sub project brings the ability of a filesystem into Joomla. Manage and publish your files with an easy-to-use application. You already have a file manager like DOCMAN? No problem! THM Repository provides an interface for the connection to other file managers.


Build and maintain your Joomla-based website with the artifacts of the JooMDD sub project. JooMDD provides an MDD infrastructure which is built on the Eclipse Modeling Framework and can be easily installed within your Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, or PHPStorm. blockLink

A tool to measure duplicate lines in code clusters of PHP-based web applications (e.g. Joomla extensions).